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Lettuce discuss the macbook air 
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Post Lettuce discuss the macbook air
Story Time: :mrgreen:

Story starts a couple years ago when I bought a 11 in macbook air off a guy on craigslist. It had the haswell i5 and 4gb ram along with a 128ssd. (I know, weaksauce on the ssd size. But brah, its pci-x). Anyway, everything was nice and dandy till last month. I noticed one or two random application crashes but nothing really caught my eye. That is till I tried upgrading to El Capitan. (drum roll)

So the day comes where I decide to upgrade. Being the smart ass I am, I download the image off the app store and let it reboot to proceed with the install. What can go wrong, you might ask yourself. Well, I installed Yosemite back in the day and had no issues what so ever. Smoothest upgrade in history. Well, it reboots and starts the installation. Step one, Verify wtf! OK weird. Let me reboot and try, again! :( . Ok, so ssd is corrupt, not good. Lets see if I can back out and boot back in Yosemite...No! No can't do. Oh crap, Where's my backup? Oh yeah, don't have one. Since the Yosemite upgrade went flawless I didn't bother making a backup. Guess who got their ass handed to them? Yep, this guy. But wait, there is more.

So I reboot in that 'repair/recover' mode and open disk utility. At this point I just want to copy my keychain with saved passwords. Nope, ain't happening. Can't mount ssd. Ok, lets boot up Ubuntu and force mount that bad boy....Nope, "you suck", Its toying with me at this point. Alright, two hours later I have come around and understood my demise. Booted up in that efi thingy and deleted the partition. Rebooted and let Apple get Mavericks online and installed that. First try, failed installation. WTF!!!! try again, install finished but osx feels likes its running on .5kb of ram on a Pentium 2. Not cool. Redo, (delete partition and reinstall), takes forever because its like 6gb file and downloading on my not so fast connection. (had to do it twice by the way) So here I was, back on Mavericks with nothing to show. But wait there is more.

Why am I getting random crashes trying to install programs back on? I thought I fixed that with a clean install. HMMM, let me run memtest86 for giggles.....Well, well, well.. What do we have here? Ram errors up the wazzo and the count still climbing. Crap, crap, crap. Can't swap the ram due to the awesome thin device that is this macbook air. (no bashing Apple here. Everyone is soldering hardware on the board now a days.)But wait, there is more.

Last week, bought a used logic board that came with 8gb or ram of ebay for what I think is a costly price. Its Apple, I guess they can charge that much, even on the used market. Used the ifixit guide and swapped the logic board.

So shinny, and used.


shit just got fo realz.

Side by side


Seems the guys who took the logic board, couldn't disconnect things properly. Got some scratches. Plastic looks dis-formed as well. This is where the battery connects.

And here we are. Three screws hold the logic board to the case.

Ah, snap, its booted up.

And finally, memtest86 says ram is good. Hurra, hurra!!

So what have we learned kids? Back yo shi up, and don't buy cheaply build electronics. For being Apple, and charging an arm and leg for their hardware/software, they sure build devices using cheap parts. Hynix ram, really, why not Samsung or other reputable company? Anyway, I managed to get 7.7gb or ram usage doing basic computer stuff and installing win7 vm. I can only speculate how the 4gb handled osx and win7 vm with sql running last semester at school. I probably killed it due to my heavy usage.

TLDR; Buy Apple. Feel happy. Two years later, crashes. OSX gone. I cry. I find memory errors. Buy used logic board on ebay. Swap it. Call it a day. So much for selling and making a profit on it.

Happy Friday guys, have a good weekend. !
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

PS: English is not my first language. Ignore the bad sentence structure and grammar.

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