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Some minor upgrades 
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Post Some minor upgrades
I couldn't help myself over the holidays and ended up buying some stuff since I had an entire 1.5 weeks off to keep my hands busy

So here's what I bought and reasons why

1) Corsair H100i

As much as I'd like to get a full WC setup, I really can't justify it. But my CPU was flaking out under prime95 and it looked like a heat issue, and trying to run 3dmarks firestrike test caused my system to reboot. This didn't fix the system reboot running firestrike, but my 3930k is much cooler now, and I was able to take the old top fan and move it to the front, and also removed the optional hard drive cage to make for better airflow to my videocards. I also discovered while installing the H100i that my CPU heat issue, was probably more related to the absolutely horrendous paste job I did when installing my Thermalright True Black 120 cooler. I've never done such a bad job in my life so I don't know what happened there.

2) 32Gb (4x8Gb) Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 1866Mhz

The ram was a total impulse buy. I bought two 16gb kits on sale for 159 each to replace my 24Gb (4x4gb + 4x2gb) running at 1333mhz.

3) Corsair AX1200i (open box, 90$ off)

It turned out the reboot problem I had, which was most consistently reproducible when running fire strike, was a power related issue. I'm not sure why I never considered power before, especially knowing that my 850w was just borderline capable of running my system, but after I tested with a second power supply running one of my videocards and had no problems, it was safe to conclude that I needed a larger power supply. Of course I made the decision of buying a new PSU new years eve, and I was going to pick up an HX1050 as that's all the Canada Computers nearest to me had in stock according to the web site, but then when I walked in the store they had an open box AX1200i so I figured I would give it a go. Reviews seem mixed on the 1200i, or at least partially, but I got it for 90$ off and have to say, the voltages coming out are the most stable voltages I've ever seen.

I only just got around to taking pictures, so unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the boxes or do a pretty photoshoot, but here's what it looked like before


and of course after





There was one thing that bothered me when installing the H100i, and this bothered me when I built my friends new machine a couple months ago as well. The H100 has less than a 1/4'' of clearance between the screw holes and fins on the rad. Then they give you 1/2" screws with little washers no thicker than the metal in your case. It's like they designed the screws to tear into the fins so they can claim physical damage or something and get out of warranty replacements....but the length of the screws in only half my problem.

The other half, is the type of screws. Every god dam @$#^@%$^ case on the market now has indentations for the fan screws to tuck into, yet corsair sells the H100i with pan headed screws instead of using screws with head counter sunk to tuck into the the designated areas that all new cases have? So I went to the store, and bought some 1/4 countersunk screws for 6c a piece.


And now I can still slide the top of my Arc Midi case on without a bunch of pan-headed screws getting in the way. Unfortunately the store where I got them didn't have anything with a philips head, so I had to get allen key screws. Slight compromise there, but it's not exactly something that will get getting taken in/out of the case constantly, so I'll live.


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